Paulson to give update today on financial bailout
Paulson to give update today on financial bailout(ギブアップか?)
ぱっと見て、give updateなの?give up dateなの?giveupデスカ?そんな殺生な~なんて思ってしまいました。updateなので最新版ってことで認識しています。。

Paulson to give update today on financial bailout.
Treasury Secretary Paulson to give update today on $700 billion financial bailout program .
WASHINGTON (AP) — Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is scheduled to give an update today on the $700 billion bailout program for the U.S. financial system.
Critics are complaining that the administration is not being tough enough on the banks who are receiving the assistance, that the original centerpiece of the program — government purchases of troubled assets — has been left to languish and that homeowners struggling with mortgage foreclosures are not getting the help they need to stay in their homes.
批評家は、管理が十分に、援助を受けている銀行にとってつらくない、プログラム ― 困った資産の政府購入 ― の原物の目玉が弱るのが分かっていた、そして、抵当差し押さえと戦っている住宅所有者が彼らが彼らの家に泊まるために必要とする援助を得ていないと不平を言っています。
And in addition to all of those complaints, the administration is having to contend with a number of industries, led by auto companies, who contend that they deserve a share of the rescue funds.
President-elect Obama, when he met with President Bush at the White House on Monday, urged Bush to support aid for struggling automakers and Democrats in Congress have begun drafting legislation that would give General Motors, Ford and Chrysler access to $25 billion of the rescue funds.

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